Majority of the products we manufacture are to be welded, we weld stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, duplex, CuNiFe and normal iron. Welding methods we use are tig, mig and to some extent traditional electrode welding. We also have a spot welder for sheet metal welding. The vast majority of the products requires both strength and the prosecution of the welding to be top quality.

Pipe bending and pipes

We have three different pipe bending machines, two hydraulic and one electric. For small dimensions and thin walled pipes we use a mandrel to maintain the roundness of the pipe as well as possible. We have an extensive tool selection for different pipes and dimensions. We bend pipes from Ø10 mm up to Ø48,3 mm.
For bigger bendings and roundings we have two different machines, one electric profile bending machine with manual settings for dimension and one CNC machine for bigger series and dimensions. We keep in stock a great number of dimensions ranging from Ø6 mm up to and beyond Ø100 mm of AISI 316, both pickled and polished options are available. We also keep in stock some dimensions of aluminum, titanium, CuNiFe and Fe.

Sheet handling and sheets

Sheet products are manufactured with sheets ranging from ca 1 mm to 30 mm. We have two metal shearers, one NC mechanic shearer with a cutting width of 2 m and handles 0,5-2 mm of thickness. The other one is a bigger hydraulic with cutting width of 2,5 m and handles up to 16 mm of sheet thickness.
For sheet bending we have a CNC biaxial brake press with 100 ton pressure force and up to 3 m width. We keep in stock sheets (AISI316 and AIMg3, also some TIGR2, CuNiFe and Fe) from 0,8 mm up to 12 mm.

Surface treatment

Products we manufacture often have a variety of different surface treatments. For that we have different kinds of stationary belt sanders and polishing machines. We are specialized in manual mechanic polishing where need of quality is high. Products often need a brushed or polished surface and we can help with that.


Often need of machining occurs for the products we produce. We have manual lathes and milling machines for easier processing, also a numerous amount of pillar drilling machines. We also have disc- and metal band saws. We keep in stock round bars and flat bars in different sizes and materials.

Laser- and water jet cutting network

We maintain a network with many other companies that have specialized themselves in different kinds of cutting. We are therefore able to offer laser-, water jet- and plasma cutting of different materials from 0.5 mm up to 100 mm.

CNC machining network

We maintain a network with many other companies that have specialized themselves in different kinds of treatments. We can therefore offer various kinds of CNC machining.

Surface treatment network

We co-operate with companies that have specialized themselves in different surface treatments. Thanks to this we can offer glass blasting, ceramic ball blasting, bath pickling, electro polishing, anodizing and painting.

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